dimanche 16 septembre 2012

KKK, the Cruel Beast [a fantastic movie by Jann Halexander - 2012]

DVD (release): in October, 2012.
Official website: http://kkkthecruelbeast.blogspot.fr/
A movie of Jann Halexander [Fantastic]

Maggelburg, somewhere in Europe. A young woman investigates into the death of his brother, whose body was found in the border of a forest nicknamed 'the Forest of Mass graves'.
With Ariane ., Maïk Darah (french voice of Whoopi Goldberg), Olivier Magdeleine, Marlène Pons...
The movie was in several festivals and cultural centers from November, 2010 to June, 2011. Available in DVD in October 15th, 2012 on Ebay, priceminister, CD-LP, via paypal, in VPC, in VOD.
Filmography Jann Halexander:

- J'Aimerais J'Aimerais (2007)
- Occident ( 2008 )
- A last night in Le Mans ( 2010 ) (Une dernière nuit au Mans)

Some notes(marks) on the director: Jann Halexander belongs to a minority of totally independent directors, outside the main circuits of the French cinema. He realized movies essentially for the DVD market, sold thousands of copies.

Production: Trilogie Halexander / Lalouline Editions
Contact media: Jeff Bonnenfant 0033680150524